Integrity + Efficacy

All facials are driven by a thorough consultation and uniquely catered to each individual.  Instead of choosing from a menu of services, Katie uses her time with each client to cater to their mind, body, and most importantly, their unique skin needs at the time of service.  Each session (excluding the Ritual Express) includes a thorough consultation, a deep cleanse and exfoliation, pore extractions, and a variety of oils, extracts, and masks hand mixed at the time of your service to nourish, reverse damage, support and protect.  These meticulously chosen products are paired with a therapeutic touch and massage techniques to benefit the individuals unique skin and areas of tension.  Depending on the client, one or more of the following may be used.. high frequency, microdermabrasion, micro-current and lymphatic drainage. 

Please chose a treatment length and trust that your service will be catered according to your unique skin type and condition.

The Ritual Express is for returning clients only.